Meet Our Team

Our team consists of engineers across a varied background of engineering disciplines.  We have over 100 years of combined experience in the fields of mechanical, materials, electrical, electro-mechanical, and civil/structural engineering.  A brief background for our five principal engineers is listed below.

Thomas C. Wenzel,
M.S.E., P.E.

(Materials, Metallurgy, and Mechanical)

Steven H. Farlow,

(Mechanical, Computer Animation, Construction/Structural)

Howard J. Rigsby,
M.E., P.E.

(Mechanical, Construction/Structural)

Johnnie P. Hennings,

(Mechanical, Construction/Structural,
Computer Simulations)

Ivan R. Collins,

(Mechanical, Materials, Customized Testing, Fire Analysis)

Joe Manning

Mike Hresko

Johnny Pratt

(Sales, Marketing, Brand Development)