Meet Our Team

Our team consists of engineers across a varied background of engineering disciplines.  We have over 100 years of combined experience in the fields of mechanical engineering, materials engineering, electrical engineering, electro-mechanical engineering, and civil/structural engineering.  We specialize in all forensic engineering, customized testing, materials science and operate a full metallurgical lab. A brief background of our team members can be found below.

Thomas C. Wenzel,
M.S.E., P.E.

(Materials, Metallurgy, and Mechanical)

Steven H. Farlow,

(Mechanical, Computer Animation, Construction/Structural)

Howard J. Rigsby,
M.E., P.E.

(Mechanical, Construction/Structural)

Johnnie P. Hennings,

(Mechanical, Construction/Structural,
Computer Simulations)

Ivan R. Collins,

(Mechanical, Materials, Customized Testing, Fire Analysis)

Joe Manning

(Materials, Customized Testing)

Danny Brinkley, PE

(Metallurgy, Materials, Lab Services)


Ben Davis

(Mechanical, Customized Testing)


Johnny Pratt

(Sales, Marketing, Brand Development)