Fires and Explosions

Determining the cause and origin of fires and explosions

ARAI’s investigators have experience determining the cause and origin of fires and explosions in the areas of consumer products, automobiles, heavy vehicles and structural matters. These investigations may include gas explosions (natural and propane), oil fires, industrial explosions and chemical reactors.

Tools used by the investigator may include chemistry, heat transfer, combustion, thermodynamics and chromatography. During the investigative process ARAI routinely performs codes and standards research; analysis of construction techniques; arson investigation; alarms; flammability, flash points, and accelerants; damage assessment; microscopy; fire engineering and fire prevention. ARAI has performed over 3500 fire and explosion investigations.

In addition to cause and origin investigations, ARAI performs a wide array of custom fire/failure testing for litigation and product manufacturers, as well as creating presentations for the Consumer Products Safety Commission.