X-Ray Equipment

Accident Reconstruction Analysis has multiple in house and portable X-Ray services.

In our materials and metallurgical lab, we have specialized x-ray equipment like the Nanome/X ultra high resolution nanofocus x-ray system. The Nanome/X x-ray machine is designed for inspecting high-quality assemblies and interconnections in the semiconductor and SMT industries. The x-ray system offers excellent performance and versatility.

ARA provides portable x-ray services with use of our Golden Engineering XRS3

The XRS3 is a 270 kV, battery powered, pulsed X-ray generator used in security and light industrial applications.  Golden Engineering introduced the XRS3 in 2001 for applications that require greater penetration than the XR150 or XR200.  The XRS3 penetrates up to one inch of steel when used with various digital imaging systems.

The XRS3 is Golden Engineering’s most versatile unit because it provides exceptional penetrating ability in a compact package.  The XRS3 has proven it can withstand extreme environments including artic and desert conditions.  ARA has paired the XRS3 with the Logos+ CR imaging system.  The Logos system uses thin, flexible, storage phosphor plates as the imaging medium. These image plates are reusable after being erased with fluorescent light, and they can be connected using an image plate frame system to X-ray large objects in a single exposure or for even larger objects ARA can create composite X-ray images for a complete wide angle view.